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Chris Vance Tees

Twin Forks and Chris Vance have teamed up to bring some of his unique art to tees for both adults and kids. If you live in the Des Moines metro, or have even visited, attended the Des Moines Arts Festival, or even Moberg Gallery, you have likely spotted Chris' amazing work. Chris is often asked at shows for tees showing his work, we are happy they do, and now have our initial assortment available. Stopping at Chris' booth at the annual Des Moines Arts Festival is always a must, and a highlight for our children. They love the faces, the color and imagination they can literally see in Chris' work. But taking his painting strokes to a tee isn't easy. We used some new software to create soft layers on our tees that appear like they are painted. We are excited about how both YOLO and the BEE turned out, really illustrating a painting and look forward to many more pieces coming soon!

November 08, 2017 by Twin Forks Trading Co.