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High Trestle Trail Tee


  • Your purchase helps preserve and protect this trail through a partnership with 'Polk County Conservation',...thank you.
  • Designed and hand printed in Des Moines.
  • Eco-friendly inks and sweatshop free.

Running through Polk, Story, Boone and Dallas counties, the 25 mile long trail from Ankeny to Woodward is a marvel of engineering that has its roots as a Union Pacific Railroad line.

The highlight of the trail is the trestle bridge, which spans the Des Moines River and its surrounding valley, nearly half mile in length and over 13 stories high!

The inspiration for this graphic is the unique steel structures that line the bridge, and were actually created to represent the view through a mine shaft, as many mines existed around the valley. 

No matter how you enjoy the trail or the bridge, it's a must see and was designated as one of the 'Eight Amazing Footbridges in the World' by the BBC in 2015. 

This April 30th, the trail celebrates its 8th year of delivering Central Iowa with a true 'gem'.